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LaMonSa Sounds & Bookings
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LaMonSa Sounds & Bookings Productions 4 Your Entertainment
There's a new Team in Town and you’re gonna hear about it ……

Who or what is LaMonSa Sounds & Bookings?Lamonsa Sounds & Bookings wants to be that link what puts u in the position to make yourself heard and seen. We wanna introduce u to the right persons or organisations and help u make that next step in your career..A small explanation

LaMonSa Sounds

With LaMonSa Sounds we mean the "soundsystem" part of it all..Here u will find the upcoming talent’s, the new upcoming producers and fresh dj’s who u have to look out for, because we know that these talents are gonna get far in the game. Take a look at the Artists and listen too the diffrent styles and skills of these rising stars. We are allways on the lookout for fresh talents, so deejays, producers, singer/songwriters, rappers…join us. U think u are ready to face the crowd? U thing your style is Unique? Do u produce those dope beats? Let us know by sending your demo. Mail it tor: or call 0031641142833 for information

LaMonSa Bookings

LaMonSa Bookings is the other side of the company especially for partyorganisations, clubowners, eventorganisers, practically everyone who needs a good show to make his party the bomb or needs a hot act in his/her club. If your fed up with all the reguilar names in the urban scene,...allways the same deejays, allways the same live acts or shows.. If u are looking for new talents who are just as good or (sumtimes) even better then the populair names right now, but affordable?Or maybe u just got started with throwing parties and u are looking for a support act for your main event? Just click on Artists and listen to the demo's. U will see that there's enough talent u can choose from for a good show.

Beats 4 Hire

LaMonSa Bookings also wants to help singers/rappers who are looking for some hot musical productions. Maybe u allready got an idea how u want ur music to sound like? Mail us and lets see if one of our producers can help u out. Interested? Click on producers and listen to the demo's. Check the soundbites and u be the Judge.


LaMonSa Sounds & Bookings wants to be that extra push for all the talents in Holland who want to be heard and known in the Urban world ..Dare to dream…. Again…do u have the talent?