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Mark Bischof
categoriecello (klassiek), kinetisch, beeldende kunst (overigen), muziek (overigen)

zonder titel (foto J. V. Arkel), hout, messing, glas - 2000 (detail) zonder titel (foto J. V. Arkel), hout, messing, glas - 2000 (detail) De Uitvinding (foto A. James), hout, messing, glas - 1996 (180x130x80cm)De Uitvinding (foto A. James), hout, messing, glas - 1996 (180x130x80cm)
Mark Bischof's musical career gave him the discipline and exercise in imagination to make concrete, in 1989, his early love for wood-working, and indulge his fascination for inventing trick mechanisms.
After years of experimentation in working wood and developing a varied range of art objects, Mark has found his preference is creating machines that work solely on the basis of gravitation and must be set in motion by hand.
Transparency of construction is an important characteristic of these kinetic works, and an essential part of their attraction. One can always follow in detail what's happening and the delightful ways in which they move.

"I have deliberately challenged myself not to create my latest and more complex machines only to be functional, but also aesthetic," says Mark proudly, with a smile. "They must stimulate my fantasy, as well as the fantasy of those who observe them.
"To accomplish this elusive task using concrete materials, I find I must follow my original idea at all times, using trial and error as I proceed, rather than work from sketches. This approach has, as a bonus, unexpected discoveries which occur from time to time. These keep the creative process alive in me. This is absolutely vital because it sustains me during projects which can demand years of work."