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Bad Brya Maryan Merabat
categoriemuziek (hiphop), rapper
Bad Brya saw the light of life Aug. 31st 1982 in Amsterdam east. (Aha lots of talent up in here!) Badbrya began writing at age 14 after hearing all sorts of rap which her older brother listened to. She got intrigued by the way rappers were putting her message out there in the world.Inspired by several artists such as Tupac , Biggie Smalls,Dre and Snoop. Besides Rap she also got influenced by other styles like Reggae, Arabic and loads more. You could find Bad Brya scribbling at any giving time and place. (Yes indeed , even during classes!) Inseparable from her pen and pad . All kinds of stuff kept flowing and evolving. (The girl was unstoppable). Bad Brya was doing her thing just 4 fun at youth centre Jaco until friends and strangers pointed out the talent she has which she should develop and take 2 the next level.(We told ya so look at ya now).She started appearing at local talent shows (Most Wanted) and open mic-nights (Winston). Slowly getting recognized here and there which pushed her more and more doing her own thing. (Keep it up B). This Moroccan female Mc left great impression wherever she performed with her sublime charisma and uplifting spirit taking you over before you know it. Sharing with you many things that has crossed her intriguing path of life. One thing led 2 another from short guest appearances in several shows such as NMO at Ned. 1 and performances at the Paradiso and Melkweg to her very own documentary : R-E-S-P-E-C-T. There you can see BB’s string of setbacks which never stopped her from living life 2 the fullest’ (Like B says: Always try 2 find the positive in the negative). Not only did she reached the younger generatio but also touched the hearts of the older public. (Aha your mom or dad might know her 2,maybe even your granny haha) Success kept elevating. She won the best talent award 2003 at the Uitmarkt. Handed over by non other than Michael Franti from Spearhead (You go girl!) Besides all of this above this Bizzy B gives rap workshops to people through the ages 6 to 60 at many different schools and youth centres. (Check’m out 4 some real fun) Well what’s left 2 tell…just keep an eye out 4 this aspiring young talent. Soon 2 be seen near you. Big things come in small packages Enough said!!