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categorie muziek ondersteuning (hiphop)
HipHopWorld is a booking agency, specialized in Hip Hop music.

The organization is based around Has, who started out as a party promoter in the early/mid nineties bringing major artists (such as for instance The Roots) to the Netherlands.

In past couple of years the focus shifted, from organizing and promoting, to solely being a booking agent for U.S. Hip Hop-acts looking to set up a European tour. The focus also shifted from national, to Europe as a whole. Connections were formed both with the artists as well as the promoters and concert venues throughout Europe.

Time and time again HipHopWorld has proven itself to be a trustworthy partner for many well-known U.S. Hip Hop acts and has over 14 years of experience in putting on concerts and organizing jams. The HipHopWorld Agency is a division of the Zulu Nation, chapter Holland.