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Hans Bertrand
categorieschilderen (alle), beeldende kunst (overigen)
The image is more powerful than the word. Hans Bertrand is a sculptor of the two dimansional form. He takes fragments of his own or other visual materials and manipulates them out of their original context. He is looking for something that presently isn`t there but will shortly exist. Give Hans Bertrand Rembrandt`s Night Watch and apair of scissors and he would make something completely different from it. His motto could be "Everything must be different", he doesn`t follow the well-worn path but is curious about the unexplored, what isn`t here yet. In his search he uses various techniques and where necessary invent new ones.
A certain anarchic approach to his working methods is not unusual, but at the same time there is also astrict, uncompromising discipline.
Recently Hans Bertrand has been working in a new medium: digital technology. If you look for visual material like he does then this is the ultimate wholesalers. Armpits, noses and landscapes, everything is instantly available. A seemingly limitless expansion, even moving images are possible. With an inventive, resourceful and independent artist like Hans Bertrand eveything is a means in his research of what is not yet in existence but will soon exist.